Join Hands for Solid Wood Quality

As sustainability becomes the trend of the day and we are bombarded with green-this and eco-that, it is easily to lose sight of what those terms really mean.  Consider the furniture in your home, does it meet the standards you want to embrace for sustainability?  Furniture is a daily part of our lives, but is often overlooked at the place to start when looking for ways to live in harmony with the environment.

Many people limit the definition of sustainable furniture to pieces that have been made from recycled material, and that may be true, but it can also cover pieces made from materials such as hemp, bamboo, cork, and mango wood furniture.  The whole process, from the growth of the materials through manufacturing to final construction, must be considered  Greenwashing, the practice of spinning a recycled products description to make it look more eco-friendly, is a problem in its self.  So what is eco-friendly furniture really? 

Materials of Sustainable Furniture:  

  • No toxic chemicals
  • reclaimed
  • recycled
  • recyclable
  • Sustainably grown or harvested  

When choosing materials for sustainable furniture, the crafter takes into several considerations.  Although the choice of the material may cost more, the goal is to create a highly durable product of solid construction with few defects that would cause the piece to turn up in landfill.

Methods of Making Sustainable Furniture

  • Materials are collected and transported in a way that has minimal impact on the environment.
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Built with quality and superior workmanship in mind.
  • Created by craftsmen in a healthy working environment

Furniture made in a third world factory with workers in poor health that have strip cut a forest is not an option for the eco-friendly furniture buyer. 

Sustainable Design strives to:

  • Minimize waste
  • Highlight the natural beauty of the materials
  • No harsh chemical finishes
  • Allows materials to breathe and age naturally
  • Resists damage
  • Hand made or produced in a green factory.

Some furniture companies choose impact the environment indirectly by making contributions to environmental causes or, as in the case of mango wood furniture, use a source that is highly renewable and provides families with food and income.

When you begin to look for sustainable furniture to add to your home or sell in your furniture store, be sure that it is truly sustainable.  Check to see if that mango wood furniture you have chosen comes from a reputable company with eco-friendly production practices.  Research to ensure that the materials weren’t simply greenwashed for the convenience and peace of mind of the consumer.  It is the research in the end that will allow you, in good conscience, to add beautiful, quality, sustainable furniture to your home or product line. 

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1 Response to Join Hands for Solid Wood Quality

  1. kianleach says:

    I agree with your point that always shop furniture form reputable company with eco-friendly production practices. Nice information

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