Sell Bedroom Furniture that’s Solid and Built to Last

There was a time when craftsmanship and quality were the keys to a successful furniture business. Pieces were handed down through generations as beloved family heirlooms. Furniture was built using superior techniques and skill, solidly put together, and made to last. Some of today’s furniture is made through a process that uses harsh chemicals and the end result is pieces that don’t stand the test of time quite like solid wood. For those who wish to provide their clients and customers with bedroom furniture that combines quality, beauty, old techniques, and is eco-friendly— there is an affordable source that makes hand-crafted, quality pieces the priority. Here is what makes it so special.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices 

A question people should ask themselves is what exactly does eco-friendly mean? While the use of sustainable materials and non-toxic chemicals is an important aspect, it also involves the practices a company uses to build their furniture. The practices should reduce the use of energy it takes to build and transport, preserve natural resources, and release fewer toxins and waste into the environment. The materials used should be sustainable, recyclable, or recycled. Whether the wood comes from salvaging or sustainable acacia, mango, or neem— it is found that eco-friendly solid wood furniture is durable and long-lasting, a bonus in addition to being good for the earth.

Built to Last 

Unlike much of today’s furniture made of particle board, plastic, metal, or composite wood— solid wood is built to last. Sometimes what seems affordable becomes more expensive as you have to replace it over the years. Solid wood furniture is able to maintain its beauty with long lasting, durable finishes. It also uses less chemicals and glues, helping people to keep a healthy home.

Joinery Techniques

Mortis and tenon, butterfly joints, and dovetailed drawers aren’t descriptions we are used to hearing when it comes to furniture these days. What they are is old joinery techniques that not only add strength and durability to furniture, but also add unique and eye-catching detailing. Skilled builders make pieces that can stand up to heavy use without falling apart. The top benefit of using these time-honored traditions is making long-lasting furniture that consumers truly enjoy and appreciate.

Bedroom Furniture 

The bedroom is perhaps one of the most important places in a home to have good quality, healthy furniture. We spend more time in our bedrooms than we realize. In fact, it usually is the room we spend the most time in— even if we aren’t awake. A sturdy bed or a lovely dresser made out of reclaimed, recycled, or sustainable woods is the perfect addition to any home. Each piece of bedroom furniture is crafted to turn the room into the sanctuary it was meant to be.

Your customers will thank you for the opportunity to buy bedroom furniture that’s solid and built to last. Combine that with a mission to utilize eco-friendly practices and materials, an affordable price point, and wonderful age-old techniques and they will also feel good about their purchase. It’s the kind of furniture that will not only be enjoyed by this generation, but future generations to come.

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1 Response to Sell Bedroom Furniture that’s Solid and Built to Last

  1. Cate Miller says:

    I totally agree with the blogger. Eco friendly product also help to reduce global warming and I support eco friendly product.

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