Heirloom Furniture Lasts Lifetimes

As many of you already know, more and more, consumers have made a conscious decision to become eco-friendly and live a greener lifestyle to help save the Earth environment. The increase in demand by consumers for green products has transformed the marketplace where style, function, and assorted selection flourish.

One segment where this is clearly obvious is the eco-friendly hand-made furniture market. The sturdiness of solid wood and its resistance to dents and scratches, makes it the perfect material to build furniture. 

What is Eco-Friendly Furniture?

You hear the terms “green” and “eco-friendly” refers to the materials and processes used to create furniture and other products. It means the products has the following attributes:

  • Sustainability
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable

For example, eco-friendly hand-made furniture made with virgin wood must come from sources that comply with sustainable forestry practices as outlined by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means that all-wood based materials an eco-friendly furniture manufacturer uses come from lands where trees, soil, streams, and wildlife habitat receive environmental protection.

At the end of its lifecycle, solid wood furniture can be recycled or reclaimed, which reduces the need for landfills. Furniture manufacturers can create new, quality products without requiring new materials.

In addition, the eco-friendly solid wood furniture manufacturing does not damage or contaminate the environment because it uses toxic-free chemicals.

According to the National Hardwood Lumber Association, the “embodied energy” used to harvest wood consist of

  1. Electricity – 19%
  2. Natural gas – 16%
  3. Petroleum – 3%
  4. Biomass – 61%

Furthermore, the solid sawn wood furniture-makers use to create their pieces require even less energy than other wood products.

More about Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed or recycled wood provides a plentiful source of premium material that is flexible and strong. Each year countless numbers of bridges, barns, homes, farmhouses, and public buildings around the globe reach the end of their useful life and are razed. This superbly seasoned and air-dried reclaimed wood, which may have taken decades or centuries to ripen, gets harvested at 87% less than the carbon cost associated with virgin wood.

Once harvested, the wood is cleaned of nails and hardware.  Next, the wood goes through a kiln dry process to remove infestation and assure uniform moisture content throughout the piece. The wood is then handcrafted into working material.

These steps assure the recycled wood meets the standards necessary to create fine and unique chairs, dressers, beds, dining tables, and other hand-made furniture pieces.

Solid wood furniture made from reclaimed wood has a mature character with distinctive knots, grains and patinas. Each piece of furniture has its unique history as demonstrated by its subtle grooves, wormholes, nicks, and other imperfections. Each piece of furniture is unique to its owner– unlike processed wood or plastics.

Undeniable Durability

One of main marketing points for eco-friendly solid furniture centers on its durability. The manufacturing processes start with the design of a piece, which relies on the following joinery techniques that are hundreds of years old:

  • Mortis and tendon joinery common for chairs, tables and cabinets
  • Butterfly joints to join planks
  • Dovetail consist of interlocking joints that keeps furniture from falling apart

Well-made hand-made furniture has a longer functional lifespan than other furniture and can be handed down generation after generation.

Environmentally conscious consumers want to protect the environment of their home or office. Carefully selected, well-seasoned wood, and centuries-old construction techniques combine to produce furniture that retains its natural beauty for 100 years or more. 

Providing your consumers an alternative of eco-friendly hand-made furniture offers a tangible way for them to make a significant impact on our environment.

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1 Response to Heirloom Furniture Lasts Lifetimes

  1. John says:

    I love reclaimed wood, and you gave great info on why it is so desirable.

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