The first 10 Days of a Mango Tree’s Life


Mango Wood & Sustainability

Here are the first ten days in a Mango tree’s life.  It’s an amazing growth rate that you can see every day.  It’s just one of the reasons Home Trends & Design believes in sustainable practices when they select the wood to be used for their home furnishings designs. 

A Mango tree can sprout and grow very quickly, will produce delicious fruit for 10-30 years, and then its wood can be harvested to produce beautiful furniture, with another fast-growing Mango seedling planted in its place. 

Unlike teak, rosewood and mahogany hardwoods that grow very slowly in the rainforests, this on-going cycle of growth-and-harvest can be sustained perpetually.  Some popular woods such as ipé require many acres of forest to be clear-cut in order to produce a small amount of board-feet that is actually— and expensively— used. 

Home Trends & Design uses plantation-grown Mango so that environmental impact on the Earth itself is minimized, and the cycle of growth and responsible use continues.

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