Neem wood

Neem wood is growing in the furniture making process, it has several strong characteristics that make it a valuable resource for furniture.


This popular shade tree in India and Africa has natural pest controlling and medical characteristics.  The Neem tree grows quickly and is ready to cut for timber around 5-7 years.  The ideal climate and vegetation is warmer climates, with little rain and well-drained sandy soils. Too much water can cause the tree to die quickly.

Physical Properties:

The Neem tree is related to the Mahogany tree family and has similar characteristics.  Neem wood features interlocking, coarse and rough grain that aid in the durability and charm of the wood. It is not easily split apart. However Neem is easy to work or carve, whether it is machine or hand tools. Here are a few of our favorite Neem wood furniture pieces.




Other uses for Neem Wood:

Oil from the Neem tree is used in a variety of other ways including toothpaste, toothbrush, combs, cosmetics and several other ways. Various parts of the tree can be used to make medicine to help several common aliments.

Have you heard of any other uses? Please share –

neemtreepictureNeemAzadirachta indica

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