Breadboards… and Breadboard Ends

MangoBreadboard_FCHA fine dining table will often have something in common with the breadboard placed on top.

The table may have been built with “breadboard ends”— a technique that keeps the top planks of a table absolutely flat and straight. It’s so called because you can see kitchen breadboards with the same technique that remain straight through years of use.

The key is the joinery.

BB 5For thousands of years, woodcrafters have been connecting wood with mortise and tenon joints. A long tenon extension from one piece of wood extends deep into a rectangular mortise hole on another. The cuts are made to fit exactly, creating a simple bond that is both strong and secure.

Tongue and groove joinery uses a similar process, with a long tongue on one or several pieces of wood fitting into a groove cut into the connecting piece.

Both are used on Home Trends & Design’s tables with breadboard ends, creating a table that can last for generations. Here’s what you can’t see from the outside.

BB 1First, the thick top planks are fit together, with a wood tongue extending out at both ends to fit into the breadboard end groove.  The solid breadboard end is placed, with the groove fitting into the tabletop tongue. Notice the two mortise openings on both ends for the connecting side rails.

BB 3Side rails with tenon joints are then fitted onto the table top panel.

The side rail tenon is inserted into the mortise opening of the breadboard end. This locks a strong frame around all four edges of the top, creating a locked, tight fit.

WoodNailsWood nails are sometimes added that connect through the breadboard mortise end and into the tenon, strengthening the breadboard’s bond to the side rail tenon, as well as adding a unique rustic visual flair.

Furniture built with this process can last for generations. Collections at Home Trends & Design with breadboard ends include Classic Harvest and Spanish dining tables. Come by and take a look… there may be a treat on a breadboard waiting for you, too!

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  1. Ranjan says:

    Great Work Guys..

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